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David Huebner, President/Wyngate Estates HOA

“When our Board of Mayor and Aldermen take actions that I may question, Allen Hall always provides me an honest answer. I may not agree with the outcome, but I can count on Alderman Hall to shoot me straight on his actions.”

Paula W. Wood, RN, Secretary/Witt Hill HOA

“When I think of Allen Hall, the word “fair” immediately springs to mind. “Fair” is one marked by impartiality and honesty – that's Allen. Unlike some other Spring Hill officials, he is free from self-interest and favoritism. He objectively listens, analyzes, and assesses without prejudice. I feel blessed to have him objectively represent and seek equitable justice for every citizen in Spring Hill.”

Scott Sumners, Past President/Hunters Point HOA

“I have attended probably 80% of the BOMA meetings over the last couple of years. What has impressed me is how well Allen is prepared for the meetings. He has remarked that he spends in excess of 30 hours a month preparing for and attending meetings and performing other City related tasks.”

Matthew Mezzatesta

“Allen Hall was presented with a challenge, to overhaul the City website. I attended a Website Steering Committee meeting and personally saw the results of the Committee’s hard work. He has kept his promise to modernize City services. He knows how to work with others to achieve the best results for Spring Hill and is a dedicated servant of Spring Hill families. He is the type of official every community needs, someone who works hard and keeps their promises. This is why I am supporting Allen Hall this April.”

David Huebner, President/Wyngate Estates HOA

“Alderman Allen Hall is an outstanding alderman! What I like most about Allen is not that we have to agree on everything, but that he is always responsive to my concerns and questions. There is never a delay or hesitation in hearing from-or even meeting with-Allen. These are the kind of leaders we need in Spring Hill!”